Seward, Alaska Fishing

Seward AK fishing

Located on the Kenai Peninsula, at the southeast corner of Resurrection Bay, Seward, Alaska is home to some of the best fishing grounds you can possibly imagine.

Indeed, the fishing off the coast of Seward is some of the very best in Alaska, with excellent opportunities to catch fierce combative ling cod, enormous halibut, mean rockfish, and three different species of Salmon (silver, pink, and king salmon).

And if that isn’t enough, additional ingredients for an amazing fishing expedition include some of the most stunning landscapes on earth.

Fishing tournaments in Seward

Throughout the fishing season, the City of Seward holds a number of fishing competitions, such as the renowned Halibut Derby in the summer, which offers a ten thousand dollar reward for the biggest halibut every month, as well as daily awards of a free fishing day the next year for the greatest catch.

Fishing in Alaska

The Silver Salmon Derby happens in late summer, with ten thousand dollars going to the biggest overall catch, and five thousand dollars going to the second-place finisher.

These contests, which are held by the City of Seward, are very popular and guarantee some of the world’s most thrilling and enjoyable fishing experiences.

Halibut fishing in Seward

Fishing for trophy Pacific halibut is our major area of expertise. We know just when and where to target these enormous fish, thanks to our years of halibut fishing experience.

Huge pacific halibut caught by angler

We take great satisfaction in our halibut catches that regularly exceed 200 or 300 pounds, which guarantees every fisherman a thrilling fishing trip!

Salmon fishing in Seward

The fishing for silver salmon, pink salmon, and king salmon in Seward during the summer salmon season is unmatched. The salmon season in Seward is characterized by hard strikes, tough battles, and exciting activity all day long.

Silver salmon caught in Seward, Alaska

Maybe now you can understand why the salmon season in Seward draws thousands of fishermen from all over the world.

Seward sportfishing season

The majority of Seward’s sport fishing species have fishing seasons that range from May to December, with the summer months seeing the most activity.

Halibut and salmon caught in Seward, Alaska

But keep in mind that even in the summer, the weather in Seward may be frigid, despite being milder than other regions of Alaska. On the boat, we advise layering your clothing to be ready for chilly weather.

Final thoughts

In Seward, Alaska, we’ve got amazing catches of huge lingcod, enormous halibut, delicious rockfish, hard fighting king salmon, and record numbers of silver salmon. Simply said, there is no finer fishing anywhere else in Alaska.

And keep in mind that there is a lot to see and do for everyone. Resurrection Bay and Kenai Fjords are home to a variety of fascinating marine life, including puffins, orcas, sea lions, and humpback whales. The beauty of the surroundings is breathtaking.

Finally, please make sure to buy an Alaska fishing license before your fishing trip.